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Live Tracking

Our live tracking feature offers real-time updates on the precise location of the school bus, providing parents, school authorities, and stakeholders with instant visibility into its current whereabouts. By harnessing advanced GPS technology, we ensure transparency and peace of mind by allowing users to monitor the bus's progress along its route. Whether it's ensuring on-time arrivals, tracking unexpected delays, or simply staying informed about the safety of their children, our live tracking feature empowers users with the information they need when they need it. With seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces, our solution delivers reliable and accurate tracking data, fostering trust and confidence among all involved parties. Stay connected and in control with our live tracking feature, designed to prioritize safety, transparency, and convenience in school bus transportation.

Parental Access

Parental Access provides parents with a direct window into their child's school bus journey, offering peace of mind and control over their child's safety. Through our secure platform, parents gain instant access to real-time updates on the bus's location and status, allowing them to track their child's progress to and from school effortlessly. Receive timely alerts for arrivals, departures, or any unexpected delays, ensuring parents are always informed and prepared. Our intuitive interface ensures ease of use, enabling parents to stay connected with their child's transportation schedule at their fingertips. With Parental Access, parents can also access historical data, review past routes, and monitor attendance records, fostering transparency and accountability in the transportation process. By empowering parents with this level of insight and control, we prioritize the safety and well-being of every child on board, building trust and confidence in our school bus tracking solution. Join us in providing parents with the assurance they need, knowing their child's journey is monitored and safeguarded every step of the way.

parental access


Student Attendance

Student Attendance simplifies the process of tracking student presence on the school bus, ensuring accountability and safety throughout the transportation journey. Using our system, each time a student boards or disembarks the bus, their attendance is automatically recorded and updated in real-time. This feature not only provides an efficient method for monitoring student whereabouts but also enables quick identification of any discrepancies or missing students. Parents, school authorities, and stakeholders can rest assured knowing that every student's presence is accounted for, promoting a secure environment during transportation. Additionally, Student Attendance data can be easily accessed and reviewed for administrative purposes, allowing for accurate reporting and analysis. By streamlining attendance tracking, we enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of the school bus system, reinforcing trust and confidence among all involved parties. With Student Attendance, we prioritize student safety and well-being, ensuring a smooth and secure transportation experience for every child.

Pickup & Drop Alerts

Pickup and Drop Alerts streamline the process of student boarding and disembarkation, enhancing efficiency and safety in school bus transportation. With this feature, parents, school authorities, and stakeholders receive timely notifications when the school bus arrives at designated pickup points and drops off students at their destinations. These alerts provide invaluable peace of mind, ensuring parents are informed about their child's whereabouts and transportation schedule in real-time. By receiving notifications for both pickups and drops, parents can better coordinate their schedules and ensure timely pickups or arrangements for student pickups. Moreover, school authorities can use this feature to monitor the efficiency of bus routes and identify any potential issues or delays in the transportation process. By prioritizing communication and transparency, Pickup and Drop Alerts foster trust and confidence among all stakeholders, ultimately contributing to a safer and more reliable school bus experience for students and parents alike




ETS Alerts, or Estimated Time of Arrival Alerts, provide stakeholders with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the arrival times of school buses. Parents, school authorities, and other concerned parties receive notifications detailing the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the bus at specific locations, such as bus stops or schools. These alerts are invaluable for planning purposes, allowing parents to organize their schedules around the arrival of the bus and ensuring that students are picked up or dropped off punctually. Additionally, ETS Alerts help alleviate concerns about potential delays or unexpected changes in the bus's schedule, providing peace of mind to parents and school administrators alike. By keeping stakeholders informed in real-time, this feature fosters transparency and trust in the school bus transportation system. Ultimately, ETS Alerts contribute to a smoother and more efficient transportation experience, enhancing overall satisfaction and confidence in the service provided.

Conductor Attendance App

The Conductor Attendance App simplifies and digitizes the process of monitoring conductor presence on school buses, ensuring operational efficiency and safety. Through this app, conductors can easily log their attendance, providing a seamless way to track their presence on board. This feature enhances accountability within the transportation system, ensuring that the necessary staff are present to oversee student safety and manage the boarding and disembarkation process effectively. By digitizing attendance tracking, the Conductor Attendance App streamlines administrative tasks, saving time and resources for both school authorities and conductors. Moreover, this feature enables quick identification of any discrepancies or issues with conductor attendance, allowing for prompt resolution and follow-up. Ultimately, the Conductor Attendance App contributes to a more secure and reliable school bus transportation system, fostering trust and confidence among parents, students, and school administrators. With this innovative tool, we prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and worry-free journey for every child on board.



Geo-Fencing Alerts

Geofencing Alerts provide an added layer of security and monitoring in the school bus transportation system. By setting virtual boundaries, or geofences, around designated areas such as schools, bus stops, or restricted zones, stakeholders receive instant notifications when the bus enters or exits these predefined boundaries. This feature enhances safety measures by allowing for proactive management and response to potential incidents or deviations from planned routes. Parents, school authorities, and other concerned parties can rest assured knowing that they will be promptly alerted to any unexpected movements or deviations from the intended route. Geofencing Alerts also facilitate efficient management of bus operations, enabling administrators to track bus movements and ensure adherence to planned routes and schedules. By leveraging this technology, we prioritize safety, accountability, and transparency in the school bus transportation system, ultimately providing peace of mind to all stakeholders involved. With Geofencing Alerts, we reinforce our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of every child on board.

Driver Route Directions

Driver Route Directions offer drivers turn-by-turn guidance and optimized routes, ensuring efficient navigation and timely arrivals. Integrated into our system, this feature equips drivers with the necessary tools to navigate unfamiliar routes with ease. By providing clear and concise directions, drivers can focus on safely transporting students while minimizing the risk of getting lost or deviating from the intended route. Additionally, Driver Route Directions help optimize travel time by suggesting the most efficient routes based on real-time traffic conditions and other factors. This not only ensures on-time arrivals but also enhances overall operational efficiency. Moreover, the feature allows for seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers, facilitating coordination and adjustments as needed. By empowering drivers with reliable navigation assistance, we enhance the quality and reliability of the school bus transportation service, ultimately prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of students, parents, and school authorities alike. With Driver Route Directions, we ensure smooth and efficient journeys for every student on board.




The Admin/Supervisor feature provides school administrators and supervisors with a centralized dashboard to oversee and manage all aspects of the school bus transportation system. Through this user-friendly interface, administrators can access real-time data, analytics, and reporting tools to make informed decisions and ensure operational efficiency. From monitoring bus routes and schedules to tracking attendance and managing alerts, this feature offers comprehensive oversight of the entire transportation process. Administrators can also utilize the dashboard to communicate with drivers, conductors, and other stakeholders, facilitating seamless coordination and collaboration. Additionally, the Admin/Supervisor feature enables administrators to generate detailed reports and analyze performance metrics, helping to identify areas for improvement and optimize resources. By centralizing control and providing access to valuable insights, this feature enhances transparency, accountability, and safety within the school bus transportation system. With the Admin/Supervisor feature, administrators can effectively manage and optimize bus operations, ensuring a safe and reliable transportation experience for students, parents, and staff alike.

4G Camera

The 4G Camera feature integrates high-definition CCTV cameras within school buses, offering real-time monitoring and enhanced security for students and staff. These advanced cameras utilize 4G connectivity to provide live video feeds and recordings accessible remotely to authorized stakeholders, including parents, school authorities, and administrators. By capturing clear footage of activities inside the bus, the 4G Camera feature ensures comprehensive surveillance, deterring potential misconduct and promoting a safe environment for passengers. In the event of an incident or emergency, stakeholders can quickly review footage to investigate and address concerns promptly. Additionally, the cameras' onboard storage and cloud-based backup systems ensure reliable recording and retention of footage for future reference. With their wide-angle lenses and night vision capabilities, these cameras offer comprehensive coverage regardless of lighting conditions or bus occupancy. By leveraging advanced technology to enhance security and accountability, the 4G Camera feature reinforces confidence and trust in the school bus transportation system, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all passengers onboard.



Child's Status

The Child Status feature provides real-time updates regarding a student's status when boarding and leaving the school bus. When a student boards the bus, their status is marked as "onboard," indicating that they are safely seated inside the vehicle. This status ensures that parents, school authorities, and stakeholders are aware that the student has successfully embarked on their journey. Similarly, when the student reaches their destination and disembarks the bus, their status is updated to "offboard" or "left bus." This notification confirms that the student has safely exited the bus and is no longer in transit. By providing these status updates in real-time, the Child Status feature offers reassurance to parents and stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the transportation process. It also helps in monitoring student attendance, identifying any discrepancies or incidents promptly, and ensuring the safety and well-being of students during their school bus journey.

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